Ben Coran is a writer and journalist and has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines. Ben has a degree in Psychology and has researched serial crime both academically and through interviews with real convicted killers and the incredible men and women in law enforcement who catch them.

        Having never considered writing, it was a complete surprise when the main character in the first novel, The Crimson Ecliptic, appeared in Ben's mind as he was on his way to a real estate listing appointment in 2006. After spending a week jotting down notes and ideas, Ben began research. Reading every book available on serial crime, psychology, forensics, and the nature of autopsies, along with interviews of numerous convicted serial murderers, Ben honed Ares into an efficient and brilliant killing machine.

        The second novel, When Stars Align, is a completely different genre. When Stars Align is a romantic comedy described as a mixture between The Notebook and While You Were Sleeping. Other future projects include a journey back into darkness for The Wars Within, a psychological thriller that will push the boundaries of what people are willing to accept about the nature of reality, possibility, and deviance.

        Ben currently lives in southern Idaho with his family. He and his wife have five children. Ben enjoys many hobbies and interests ranging from motorcycles to physics.

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