The Crimson Ecliptic is the first novel in The Black Series by Ben Coran.  A lightning bolt shot across the sky making him appear at her side as if he were borne from the darkness. Ares has the kind of life most people long for. However, he hasn't yet fulfilled his one desire in life: to become an untraceable serial killer. When he begins committing murders, he suddenly unleashes the monster within, murdering his unsuspecting victims in a unique pattern according to their zodiac signs. Through preparation, he becomes a killer who is well versed in all of the world's most deadly murderers and their tactics, a killer who researched the methods of law enforcement and honed his ability to avoid detection, a killer who knows how to eliminate all evidence from the scene. He even sends messages and ciphers for police and a national news reporter, Marshall Conway, to report on the air as a playful ploy, thinking the law will never be able to trap him. Will the FBI ever catch up to Ares and his evil ways? And just how do they capture someone who, after delivering the bodies to them, leaves no evidence? THE CRIMSON ECLIPTIC, is a perfect mixture of THE DA VINCI CODE, CRIMINAL MINDS, and DEXTER. It is a nonstop thrill-ride that will leave you breathless at every turn of the page.

When Stars Align is the first novel in The White Series by Ben Coran.   Percy fell in love with Celeste the moment he saw her but life never ceases to find new ways to keep the girl of his dreams out of reach. This story is about perserverance and dedication. No matter how difficult life becomes, Percy shows that nothing can keep a good guy down. Will Percy get the girl? Will Percy be able to get up one more time than he is knocked down? Do nice guys really finish last? When Stars Align is a story about heart and the human spirit. Percy is the epitome of quixotic. The only question is, does it work? If one were to mix the tone of The Notebook with the movie While You Were Sleeping, one would get the feel for When Stars Align.

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